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The Decentralized P2P Token Market with more ERC20 Tokens with a reliable reputation.

Creedexchange serves as a front end community support platform utilizing EtherDelta’s original smart contract and ForkDelta’s back-end upgrades.
Creedexchange facilitates ERC20 Token Listings and Contract Verifications. Also Creedexchange maintains the community aspects of the Token Market by moderating the information posted on our community channels.

Creedexchange Roadmap

Accomplished Fork ForkDelta

Accomplished Create Community Token (Creedex Token)

Accomplished Create an ANN Thread on BTT


Open the site for new token listings


Delete all the inactive project listed on the site


Q2 or Q3 2018Launch a bounty program

Future Projects

TBD Tokenized Method of Platform Ownership (creedexchange)

TBD Decentralized Order Book (creedexchange)

TBD Decentralized Hosting (creedexchange)

TBD smart contract exchange (EDT) for smart contract (creedexchange) Payment of 1% of exchange profit with holders of (Creedex Token) (creedexchange)


By using the EtherDelta original smart contract, Creedexchange users can benefit from EtherDelta’s trading volume. Unfortunately this also means that the trading fees go entirely to EtherDelta. To cover the cost of development and to allow for growth, Creedexchange created a community/utility token (Creedex Token). Creedex Token will be the reward system for community members for providing valuable information, community service or any other kind of useful participation within the community. Community members can use the community token to tip each other, pay for services or to reward a community member or moderator. We will be using one of the safest ethereum wallets available for transfer of the tokens.

Token Info

Contract Address: 0x57488Fcc3dC72Edb0a4c06a356c2c43C08BdfB42

Symbol: Creedex-(CDEX)

Decimal: 18

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